A dial in elto goes through a number of statuses, both for browser and web calls. The dial.updated webhook will be called whenever the status changes, so you can keep track of the changes on your server.

  • queued All dials start off in queued status. This means that the dial is created, and either the model is warming up, the call is queued by the telephony provider, or in the case of browser calls, is waiting on the user to connect to the data.

  • ringing This means that the call is being made, in the case of a telephone call, this means the call is ringing, in the case of a browser call, it just means that the web call is being connected.

  • in-progress The call has been connected and the agent is hooked into the call.

  • completed, failed, canceled, busy, no-answer These are call completed statuses. The completed status indicates that the call completed successfully, the other completed statuses are only used for phone calls and indicate errors that caused the call not to be picked up.