This webhook is triggered when an inbound dial is made to a phone number linked to an agent. Elto will automatically run the agent after this webhook is triggered.

Event Type



dial_session_idstringThe ID of the dial session.
dial_idstringThe ID of the inbound dial.
dest_number_idstringThe Elto ID of the called phone number.
call_agent_idstringThe associated agent that was triggered by the call.
source_numberstringThe E.164 formatted phone number that is making the call.

Example Message

    "event": "dial.inbound",
    "payload": {
        "dial_session_id": "de3ee23e-ce58-4e05-9e7b-fcb96ba440a6",
        "dial_id": "5a6c6190-db20-4d8e-86a9-79a6af292dea",
        "dest_number_id": "2310e824-a2cb-4b0c-88cf-8f8b745bf6ae",
        "call_agent_id": "32e4be84-0803-4c41-af70-5a87a2dc0a4e",
        "source_number": "+18001234567"